The Steady Mind part 2
Erin Cuomo
July 17, 2020

The mind’s fluctuations are stilled through practice and acceptance. (1:12)

Practice is the effort to the steady mind. (1:13)

The mind easily becomes steady when practice is consistent, sustained, and sincere.(1:14)

Sutra 1:12 is about setting your intentions.  Intentions are something I bring up in every class I teach.  These are so different from goals.  Goals are end products.  Something we strive to achieve.  Intentions are actions steps that you will take on your journey.  Intention is not the end product, it may get you to the end product, but it is more about the journey.  So, when we hyper-focus on the “goal”, we miss the small steps, the journey that we travel.  When we quiet the mind, focus on our intention for today, we can enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the results.  

So, how do we practice so that we can steady the mind?  A consistent practice is the beginning.  Committing to be on your mat every day, for some aspect of yoga, is how you build a consistent practice.  This can be through asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath work), or dhyana (meditation).  You can begin your day with some meditation and breathing, even before you get out of bed.  Even a few restorative poses in your bed or next to your bed while you are practicing breath work can be invigorating.  Being mindful throughout your day and finding pockets of time to just be.  These are a few examples of how to begin a consistent, daily practice.  However, if you are just going through motions, and there is no joy or passion in your choices, then you are not living these sutras.  Yes, you want to steady the mind.  But, the mind will not steady without passion and joy in the practice.  Dig deep. Find what brings you passion, what stills your mind, what fills your soul.  Do this.

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