The Steady Mind part 1
Erin Cuomo
June 27, 2020

Absence of reality also arises from deep sleep without thought, dreams, or other movements of the mind. (1:10)

Memory is a previous experience that hasn’t been forgotten. (1:11)

The absence of awareness, thoughts, dreams, and movements of the mind are what we find in deep sleep.  This is a necessity for all.  It restores us and supports a steady mind.  During deep sleep, the mind is blank.  This is our natural, steady mind.  Because we are sleeping deeply, we don’t remember the steadiness of our mind, however, because we know this occurs during deep sleep, we know that the mind is capable of this steady state.

Our memories grow as each day goes by.  They grow into our future thoughts and actions.  Our memories shape our tomorrows.  They can inspire us to be loving, kind, and thoughtful, or when a layer of judgement is added to the memory, it can trigger unkind, hurtful thoughts and actions.

Striving towards a steady mind while we are awake, and being aware of how our memories shape our future can bring a sense of peace inside of us.  When we begin to realize the impact our mind has on every detail of our life, and how we are able to let go of attachments that hold us back, we can begin to reach for this steady, peaceful state of being.  

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