States of the Mind
Erin Cuomo
June 6, 2020

There are five changing states of the mind and they are either detrimental or not. (1:5)

They are correct knowledge, misperception, imagination, sleep, and memory. (1:6)

The source of right knowledge is built on clear sense perception, logic, and verbal communication. (1:7)

Everything inside our body is made up of two facets – our potential and how that potential is expressed.  Every one of us has unlimited potential, but each of us has a unique way of expressing this.  Take electricity for example.  We may all have electricity running through us, but we may express it differently.  One of us may be a lamp, while someone else may be a computer.  We have the same electricity, just expressed differently.  

Often, what hinders us is in reaching our full potential is how we see things, our lenses, or perspective.  The filters in our mind change and alter our reality.  Even when the filters enhance the mind or the mood, they obscure the truth in that moment.  Often, we are so used to seeing things through our minds filters, that when we remove a filter, we don’t quite believe what we see.  

Noticing our filters is the first part of our practice.  As we identify our filters, we can recognize reactions, where they stem from, and how they are holding us back.  

When we see things through a clear lens and accurately perceive the situation, we have correct or right knowledge.  There are three ways to reach right knowledge:  sense perception, logic, and verbal communication.  When we think of a situation such as a rainstorm, it seems simple to use these three tools.  We see the rain, we feel the wetness on our skin, and we use logic when we look out the window and see the pavement wet.  However, when we apply this to all situations in our life, it is not so cut and dry because we are used to seeing other situations through different lenses.  

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