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Breathe Grace Yoga Group Classes

Breath & Meditation

Release tension and reset your mind, body, and spirit. Learn tools to manage daily stress while taking time for self-care.

Gentle Yoga

Gain flexibility and increase range of motion in this slower paced practice. Enjoy the use of different props and even chair support at times. Prenatal clients are always welcome in our Gentle classes.

Yin Yoga

The perfect complement to any active exercise program. Yin focuses on the connective tissue of your body. This meditative practice consists of longer holds in supported poses.

Restorative Yoga

A practice that will bring a healing, relaxing, and calming effect to your body, mind, and spirit. This practice involves pillows, blankets, and other props to fully support the body in relaxing poses. Postures are held for several minutes, allow the body to fully reset.


This intermediate level flow class will leave you feeling like you had a great workout! Vinyasa incorporates cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance. Beginners are welcome.

Chair Yoga

A wonderful, safe, and gentle form of yoga which is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses. Chair yoga is suitable for everyone. This practice helps increase flexibility, lung capacity, circulation and strength, improves balance, and relieves stress.

Yoga for Kids

Our free Kid Yoga classes range from toddlers through teens. All classes focus on physical poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Our classes increase strength and flexibility, promote calmness, work with identifying and managing feelings, and promotion increased concentration. Our toddler/preschool classes incorporate stories and games throughout the sessions. Gross and fine motor activities are incorporated for this age group as well. Yoga for older kids will also incorporate breathing techniques for relaxation and calming, meditation and visualization activities to promote mindfulness and self-awareness, and physical poses to build strength and flexibility. Our kid classes are on demand so you can enjoy yoga anytime you want! Many of the on demand classes are suited for classrooms as well.

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