About Breathe Grace Yoga

Learn what sets Breathe Grace Yoga and Erin Cuomo apart from other yoga studios.

About Erin

Who is Erin Cuomo?

Erin lives in Waynesboro, VA with her family. She enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and escaping the day to day to find waterfalls and stream crossings on her hikes. You can also find her curled up with a good book when she is not practicing yoga, hiking, or taking care of her children.

She has been practicing Yoga since 2008. Erin’s yoga journey has helped her overcome grief, anxiety, and depression and has been a key factor in managing her arthritis. “My goal is to help anyone who is willing and ready to try something new or different. “

As a former classroom preschool/elementary teacher, virtual ESL teacher, and now yoga instructor and yoga therapist, Erin is ready to guide you on your own yoga journey.

Erin Cuomo, owner/operator of Breathe Grace Yoga

Our Philosophy

What do we believe?

Yoga is a practice that integrates postures, breathing, mindfulness, and meditation. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits are numerous, for people of all ages. Yoga is an individual practice and it meets you where you are.

Practicing Yoga is more than just a physical practice of poses. Physical poses alone are lacking. In order to find peace and balance, one must strive to reach all eight limbs of yoga in this ever-changing, chaotic world. A world that is distressed and beautiful. Stressful and full of grace. Frustrating and peaceful. A whirlwind and a life giving spring. It is all about your perspective, your mind, and your spirit. You can decide what the world will be. You can decide how you will serve in this world or how you will take from this world. You can decide to get swept up in the chaos of your day or to be mindful in each moment and grateful in each moment, staying grounded and connected to yourself.

Utilizing the eight limbs of yoga, Yamas (ethics & integrity), Niyamas (self-discipline), Asana (physical poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Pratyhara (self observation), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (ecstasy), you can find peace, joy, abundance, and more. And, you can share this with the world, making the world more peaceful, joyful, and abundant.

This is what yoga is about. It is about finding your own balance and peace within, so that you can share it out with others. It is about serving those around you with no expectation. It is about living a life to its fullest and feeling grateful everyday for the world that serves you, and in turn, respecting and serving your world.


What certifications do we have?




Prenatal Yoga


Restorative Yoga


Trauma Informed Yoga


Chair Yoga


Yoga Therapy for Anxiety


Yoga Therapy YTT-300 (arthritis, trauma, anxiety, depression)




EFT & TFT Tapping Therapy


What do Students Say?

“Breathe Grace Yoga with Erin Cuomo is the best!!! I have been taking yoga classes with Erin since January 2020. I have learned to listen to my body, and find that yoga has helped to relieve tension/stress and helped with muscle/joint pain I have experienced.

Erin is passionate about her work and helping others. She continues to expand her depth of knowledge to contribute to all areas of personal wellness and peace of mind. I would highly recommend taking a class with Breathe Grace Yoga!!!”

Amy W.

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