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At Breathe Grace Yoga, we believe in focusing on the whole person. If your goals are fitness, wellness, or therapeutic in nature, be assured that you will experience a transformation for your mind, body, and spirit when you work with Breathe Grace Yoga.

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December News & Updates

Waynesboro Family YMCA If you are a member of ANY YMCA, you can join me in one of my classes at the Waynesboro location or through zoom. If you are not a member but you would like to try out the Waynesboro Family YMCA, mention my name at the front desk and receive a...

Yoga For a Cause

Yoga For a Cause

Yoga for a Cause will allow Cancer Patients to practice yoga with proper props and equipment! Help me make this dream a reality!

August News

As summer winds down, it is often a feeling of not wanting to let go, yet at the same time, looking forward to the simple routines that we have put aside for a few months. Our August calendar will look slightly different since my girls do not start school until...

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Attend Online or In Person

Breathe Grace Yoga understands that safety is your highest priority. For that reason, you may not be comfortable coming to classes in person. We conduct classes via Zoom for those who are unable (or too far away) to make it to our studio.

The first class is always free!

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Private Yoga Therapy

One on one sessions available with customized sessions specific to your needs. Breathe Grace Yoga can provide support for both physical and mental wellness. Fill out our intake form to schedule your free consultation today.

Group Wellness Classes

Breath and Meditation

Release tension and reset your mind, body, and spirit. Learn tools to manage daily stress while taking time for self-care.

Gentle Yoga

Gain flexibility and increase range of motion in this slower paced practice. Enjoy the use of different props and even chair support at times. Prenatal clients are always welcome in our Gentle classes.

Yin Yoga

The perfect complement to any other active exercise program. Yin focuses on the connective tissue in your body. This meditative practice consists of longer holds in supported poses.


What do Students Say?

I have participated in many of Erin’s classes via Zoom and YouTube. Erin is very thoughtful in the routines she creates, making sure each session truly is committed to giving the participant the yoga practice and outcome they expect. Whether you are taking one of Erin’s weekly classes, participating in one of her workshops, or letting your child experience one of her storytime yoga sessions, you can rest assured that everything she does is with the best interest of the participant in mind. Erin creates an environment that is both welcoming for all and straight from her heart.


The first time someone told me about doing yoga with Erin they describe her as “inclusive, interactive, and overflowing with a love for yoga” and I couldn’t pick better words for her. I reached out to her as I was wanting to gain more information as new yoga teacher and she immediately dived into answering my questions, helping me gain experience, and going out of her way to check on me. Although I started doing her classes online, the way she guides her classes, checks on her students, and takes the time to explain makes me feel like I’m right there with her. Erin radiates with love for yoga, on and off the mat. You can’t help but feel that too just from getting to know and learn from her!

Katherine Q.

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